Mechanical support

Mechanical and technical support on multi-brand machine tools.

Assistec also provides mechanical assistance on machine tools, finding the best solutions to offer a comprehensive service

ASSISTEC's mechanical support for machine tools is designed to provide customers with a comprehensive service, with technicians able to intervene promptly to resolve all problems that may arise on the machine tool.

Our mechanical support service includes:

  • Routine and extraordinary maintenance on multi-brand machine tools
  • Overhaul of spindles and electro-spindles
  • Geometrical checks and dynamic tests to verify the performance and precision control of machine by means of instruments such as vibrometers, accelerometers and load cells.
  • Retrofitting of lathes and machining centres
  • Grinding of spindle cone directly on the machine
  • Maintenance and replacement of chillers for refrigeration machines
  • Application of guards and protections on machine tools and overhaul or replacement of telescopic casings
  • Installation of machine tools
  • Programming and technological courses on materials and tools
  • Preventive maintenance services: this allows scheduling machine downtime with production; the aim is to achieve the lowest number of interventions during the year and a constant maintenance budget

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