Multi-brand mechanical assistance

ASSISTEC offers mechanical assistance on multi-brand machine tools, providing a complete service.

ASSISTEC's mechanical assistance service on machine tools is designed to guarantee the customer a 360° service, with technicians able to intervene promptly to resolve all the problems that may arise on the machine tool.

Our mechanical assistance services include:

  • Routine and extraordinary maintenance on multi-brand machine tools
  • Overhaul of spindles and electro-spindles
  • Geometrical checks and dynamic tests to verify the performance and precision control of machines using instrumentation such as vibrometer, accelerometer, load cells
  • Replacement of guides and pads
  • Grinding of spindle cones directly on the machine
  • Maintenance and replacement of refrigerator (chiller) machine
  • Application of guards on machine tools and overhaul or replacement of telescopic casings
  • Installation and relocation of machine tools
  • Programming and technological courses on materials and tooling

The in-house equipped mechanical workshop and dedicated mechanics allow us to carry out

Revamping operations on lathes and machining centres through extraordinary maintenance capable of restoring the machinery to high performance levels and adaptation to current safety regulations.



Some of our internal interventions

With a view to reducing machine tool maintenance costs and a controlled spending budget over time, we also offer our customers preventive maintenance services that allow them to schedule downtime and plan interventions.

This extends the average life of the machines and reduces downtime due to sudden breakdowns.

How do we do it?

We offer standard contracts, flexible and customisable as needed, with comprehensive coverage to ensure maximum efficiency for CNC machine tools.

Our standard mechanical service contract includes:

  • Mechanical Service hour package of your choice discounted from list rates;
  • 8 hours of extra service, i.e. a mechanical technician on call for one day;
  • The tasks included that the technician will be able to do are: excess oil at the feet of the machines, air, oil and coolant filter wear, chip conveyor condition, cooling system efficiency. axis lubrication unit status and much mor
  • Priority telephone help desk

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