Industrial automation

Integrations to optimize production processes and robot/machine tool interfaces.
automated solutions for CNC Machines servicing
Robotic support on our RoboFeeds and on robotic cells with Fanuc robots

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Assistec has extensive know-how in CNC and its interfacing with the external world, with the integration of both hardware and software systems.

In particular, Assistec is able to integrate third-party hardware systems, such as:

In addition to these integrations, Assistec takes care of connecting your CNC “software” to control and supervision production systems, using the product of partner Fanuc:

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innovation and automation made in Italy


Automated solutions for CNC Machines servicing

ROBOFEEDRobotic Cells
ROBOFEEDRobotic Cells

To meet the requirements of “INDUSTRY 4.0” we have developed the RoboFeed line, which includes a wide range of automated “plug&play" systems for CNC machine tool servicing, capable of innovating and increasing the efficiency of the production flow.

Our RoboFeed line ensures efficiency and reliability, thanks to Fanuc robots.

Advantages of RoboFeed:

Process control

Using a robot to service the production line enables real-time monitoring of the machining process

Quality control

Production quality control is integrated through specially defined measuring systems.

Increased productivity

Automating the production line means increasing efficiency and consequently productivity.

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At Assistec, our services are distinguished by their innovative approach, which focuses on addressing the specific needs of customers.

Our expertise in robotic support has developed through our extensive hands-on experience in operating and servicing machine tools, as well as providing electronic and mechanical support.

Advantages of robotic support:

  • Customised solutions: service packages are custom-tailored to meet individual requirements
  • Specialised technicians: the team of technicians is highly qualified and stays current on the latest developments.
  • Scheduled Maintenance: through meticulous planning, the components of the robotic cells equipped with a Fanuc robot are maintained in peak operating condition.
  • Prompt response: in the event of any problems, on-site interventions are promptly scheduled as soon as the call is received.
  • Fast repairs: parts are repaired within 3-5 working days.

Our robotic support services include:

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Assistec's know-how for innovation

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