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Assistec has extensive know-how in CNC and its interfacing with the external world, with the integration of both hardware and software systems.

In particular, Assistec is able to integrate third-party hardware systems, such as:

In addition to these integrations, Assistec takes care of connecting your CNC “software” to control and supervision production systems, using the product of partner Fanuc:

  • Fanuc MT-LINKi, which allows to monitor the production status, recognise equipment faults, analyse production results and optimise resource and software planning; allows you to connect both machines with Fanuc CNC and with CNC of other brands such as Siemens, Heidenhain, Mitsubishi, Selca and other devices sich as PLC.

  • Fanuc NCGuide, which allows to simulate CNC controls directly on a PC to create work programmes and test them without working on board the machine.  

For more information, download the information brochures here:

PDF Fanuc MT-LINKi PDF Fanuc NCGuide


It is possible to interconnect CNC machines even if the customer has installed a third-party MES or ERP. 
The main information that is transferred from the machine to the company management is cycle time or tooling, machined parts, alarm machine or other signals useful for supervision.
The interconnection is possible even in the presence of dated machines, generally without direct connection to the company network, simply using a hardware device provided by Assis-tec.

All machines can be connected directly via ethernet or external equipment.

The interconnection of machine tools has become increasingly necessary over the years, especially with the advent of Industry 4.0, thanks to which most of the companies in the Italian industrial sector have chosen to renew or integrate their machinery fleet and to equip themselves with software capable of interconnecting machine tools and collecting production data.
It is well known that monitoring machines in real time can allow the company to obtain many advantages, especially in terms of improved performance, in particular reduction of operating costs, improved productivity and better maintenance management.

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