Electronic cnc machine tool support.

Assistec offers electronic assistance on CNC machine tools providing a complete service.

Electronic assistance on machine tools is effective and efficient thanks to the service department, which carries out a careful preventive telephone diagnosis. The extensive stock of electronic spare parts allows the problem to be solved as early as the first technical intervention.

Thanks to the skills and experience of our technicians, we are able to minimise machine downtime.

Our electronic support services include:

  • Service on machine tools with Fanuc, Mitsubishi electronics fitted by European and Asian manufacturers.
  • Service on axis and spindle drives and motors of any series.
  • Interfacing third-party robots for workpiece loading and unloading, push bar systems on lathes and CNCs and interfacing of gantry loaders, assessing any customer interfacing requirements
  • Modifications to machine PLC logic for safety according to current regulations, implementation of automatic doors, conveyor belts, increase in M codes for machine operator (rigid tapping, etc.) Inspection of your obsolete machine tool for safety implementation in accordance with regulations

Our electronic service technicians are able to perform

Retrofit operations on lathes and machining centres involving the replacement of all electronic, electrical, measuring systems and the introduction of new automatisms and control systems inside the machine with subsequent final testing

Specifically, we carry out electronic retrofits on Doosan turrets.

Our team of technicians can replace the Pro-Motion or Vision drive/motor with a new Fanuc-branded handling system.

Leading to the following advantages:

  • Modern and highly reliable technology
  • Availability of spare parts within 24/48 hours
  • Cost-effective compared to the Pro-Motion/Vision system.
  • Simplification in handling day-to-day turret-related challenges, such as accidental collision and the subsequent need for phasing

We have identified a number of machine models on which this system can be installed: Doosan Puma 200, Doosan Puma 230, Doosan Puma 240, Doosan Puma 300, Doosan Puma 1000, Doosan Puma 2100, Doosan Puma 2600, Doosan Puma 3100, Doosan Puma TT1300, Doosan Puma TT1800, Doosan Puma TT2100, Doosan Puma TT2500, Doosan Puma GT 2100, Doosan Puma GT 2600, Doosan Puma GT 3100, Doosan Lynx 2100, Doosan Lynx 2600.

Some of our interventions

With a view to reducing machine tool maintenance costs and a controlled spending budget over time, we also offer our customers preventive maintenance services that allow them to schedule downtime and plan interventions.

This extends the average life of the machines and reduces downtime due to sudden breakdowns.

How do we do this?

We offer standard contracts, flexible and customisable as needed, with comprehensive coverage to ensure maximum efficiency for CNC machine tools

Our standard electronic service contract includes

  • Electronic Service hour package of your choice discounted from list rates;
  • 8 hours of extra service, i.e. an electronics technician on call for one day;
  • The activities the technician will be able to do include: machine inventory, back-up, battery check and replacement, maintenance, and more;
  • Priority telephone help desk.

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