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For 20 years we have been providing electronic and mechanical technical support for machine tools. Assistec è is a young and dynamic company that operates in the field of’ electronic and mechanical assistance to resolve technical problems, malfunctions and machine downtime.

We mainly specialise in machines equipped with Fanuc Mitsubishisystems. Our company has a staff of electronic and mechanical technicians with extensive experience in the sector, gained through refresher and training courses held directly at the manufacturer's premises and in the field.



Technical and electronic support on machine tools with Fanuc, Mitsubishi and other manufacturers’ electronics.

Electronic support



Guaranteed rapid intervention. the state-of-the-art centre of the company

Repair workshop



Sale of Fanuc, Mitsubishi and Siemens spare parts for machine tools

Spare parts



innovation and automation made in Italy

System Integrator

Why choose Assistec

ASSISTEC QUALITY the full care assistance program with complete coverage for maintenance and repairs

Assistec offers technology and support for the electronic and mechanical repair and maintenance of machine tools.
Our qualityà programme guarantees l'the efficiency of your machine park.


rapid intervention

technical preparation

technical support by telephone

rapid repairs

lifetime warranty

immediate investment return

News and Press

  • Exploring the different types of CNC machines

    It's clear that the market for CNC machine tools is just as varied as the tasks these machines have to perform. This is because, with the advent of Industry 4.0 and modern smart factories, these machines have gradually taken on a more predominant role within industries, particularly manufacturing. CNC technology offers efficiency, precision and consistency, which are difficult to achieve with manual machining processes. There are various methods for classifying CNC machines, most of which are based on their design and intended tasks. Among the various types of CNC machines are milling machines, lathes, laser or plasma cutting machines, drilling machines, and grinding machines. They each have their own unique features and functionalities that can be customised using computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) programs, enabling precise control over the movements of cutting tools and workpieces.

  • CNC machine tool maintenance: a guarantee of optimal performance

    The maintenance and overhaul of CNC machine tools should not be confused with their repair. While repair is requested by the customer when a machine malfunctions, causing an emergency that could also lead to a halt in production, an overhaul is a scheduled or planned intervention conducted in agreement with a technological partner. During an overhaul, the machine is completely disassembled, and each individual component is carefully analysed and, if necessary, replaced or repaired. Regular overhauls are essential to ensure efficiency, precision and longevity of CNC machines. This preventive and proactive approach enables the resolution of minor issues before they cause serious damage.

  • AI at the service of machine tools

    Artificial Intelligence is now among us. Just as electricity did a hundred years ago, AI today promises to change the world. No industrial sector is exempt from this epoch-making change, from the food industry to manufacturing, to mechanical engineering and many others. In addition to being on everyone's lips, the advent of Artificial Intelligence is increasingly imposing itself in the world of work, marking a new step forward for Industry 5.0, so much so as to raise legitimate concerns as opposed to great expectations from the point of view of technological optimisation in contemporary smart factories. In particular, with regard to integration with the CNC machine park, the coupling of automated systems such as robots and cobots, and the improvement of production flow and safety in the workplace.