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For 20 years we have been providing electronic and mechanical technical support for machine tools. Assistec è is a young and dynamic company that operates in the field of’ electronic and mechanical assistance to resolve technical problems, malfunctions and machine downtime.

We mainly specialise in machines equipped with Fanuc Mitsubishisystems. Our company has a staff of electronic and mechanical technicians with extensive experience in the sector, gained through refresher and training courses held directly at the manufacturer's premises and in the field.



Technical and electronic support on machine tools with Fanuc, Mitsubishi and other manufacturers’ electronics.

Electronic support



Guaranteed rapid intervention. the state-of-the-art centre of the company

Repair workshop



Sale of Fanuc, Mitsubishi and Siemens spare parts for machine tools

Spare parts



innovation and automation made in Italy

System Integrator

Why choose Assistec

ASSISTEC QUALITY the full care assistance program with complete coverage for maintenance and repairs

Assistec offers technology and support for the electronic and mechanical repair and maintenance of machine tools.
Our qualityà programme guarantees l'the efficiency of your machine park.


rapid intervention

technical preparation

technical support by telephone

rapid repairs

lifetime warranty

immediate investment return

News and Press

  • Conventional machine tools and computer numerical control (CNC) machines are both used for machining, but have significant differences in several key practical aspects.

    So, if you are wondering whether CNC machines are better than traditional ones or whether it is time to replace your machines with automated solutions, below you will find all the elements you need for an in-depth evaluation of the question.

    We have examined 7 evaluation criteria, making an objective judgement for each of them based on the practical applications of the machine type.

  • What is the CNC lathe and how does it work?

    The computer numerical control (CNC) lathe is one of the most advanced and precise tools in the field of machining. Its ability to perform complex machining operations with high precision and repeatability has, after all, revolutionised the manufacturing industry, significantly optimising production processes in many sectors. In the following lines, we will explore in detail how the CNC lathe works, analysing its main components, the programming process and practical applications.

    We will also look at the interactions between hardware and software, the types of tools used and how machining parameters are controlled, to summarise the potential of a technology that has become strategically relevant today.

  • An Evening of Cohesion and Fun for Our Team!

    On Friday 31 May, we spent the late afternoon and evening in cohesion and fun with activities that strengthened the bonds between us.

    Activities held:

    - An exciting quiz on our company, where we tested our knowledge and shared laughs.

    -A table-football tournament where great talent and team spirit emerged, also showing the competitive side!

    To end on a high note, we had a company barbecue in collaboration with Grill Street BBQ, a perfect opportunity to relax after the different matches!

    P.S.: The photos are not great, but it's a sign that the afternoon was fun!