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The differences between traditional machine tools and CNC machines

Conventional machine tools and computer numerical control (CNC) machines are both used for machining, but have significant differences in several key practical aspects.

So, if you are wondering whether CNC machines are better than traditional ones or whether it is time to replace your machines with automated solutions, below you will find all the elements you need for an in-depth evaluation of the question.

We have examined 7 evaluation criteria, making an objective judgement for each of them based on the practical applications of the machine type.

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What is a CNC lathe and how does it work?

What is the CNC lathe and how does it work?

The computer numerical control (CNC) lathe is one of the most advanced and precise tools in the field of machining. Its ability to perform complex machining operations with high precision and repeatability has, after all, revolutionised the manufacturing industry, significantly optimising production processes in many sectors. In the following lines, we will explore in detail how the CNC lathe works, analysing its main components, the programming process and practical applications.

We will also look at the interactions between hardware and software, the types of tools used and how machining parameters are controlled, to summarise the potential of a technology that has become strategically relevant today.

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Team Building Assistec!

An Evening of Cohesion and Fun for Our Team!

On Friday 31 May, we spent the late afternoon and evening in cohesion and fun with activities that strengthened the bonds between us.

Activities held:

- An exciting quiz on our company, where we tested our knowledge and shared laughs.

-A table-football tournament where great talent and team spirit emerged, also showing the competitive side!

To end on a high note, we had a company barbecue in collaboration with Grill Street BBQ, a perfect opportunity to relax after the different matches!

P.S.: The photos are not great, but it's a sign that the afternoon was fun!

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This past weekend, our company had the honour of being a sponsor of the NATIONAL BBQ CHAMPIONSHIP, an event officially sanctioned by the World BBQ Association WBQA, which was held in Campagnola Emilia, in the province of Reggio Emilia! 

It was an extraordinary experience, full of flavours, exciting competitions and unforgettable moments. We had the opportunity to meet BBQ enthusiasts from all over Italy, supporting the best grill masters in the country.

We are happy to have been part of this adventure! 

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CNC metal and plastic machining: how does it work?

CNC machining of metals and plastics has a number of applications in contemporary industry and makes it possible to obtain extremely precisely designed components, whatever their size.

In fact, CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining has revolutionized the manufacturing sector because it has offered companies the ability to shape metals and plastics with unparalleled flexibility.

This is why we want to go into more detail about CNC machining of metals and plastics, delving into the features, advantages and applications of this innovative process.

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CNC programming: from the basics to advanced strategies

CNC programming: a complete guide

Programming a computer numerical control machine, also known as a CNC machine, is not a simple operation, and requires a certain amount of experience in the field. When we talk about CNC programming, we’re referring to the process of creating computer commands, generally G-codes, used to control these automated production tools, able to carry out precise and complex operations, often for the metalworking sector, such as cuttingmilling and drilling on a variety of materials. These instructions include: information on the movements of the tool, the speed of the spindle, feed rates, tool changes and other parameters necessary to carry out a particular process. Each process in the programming of the CNC machine tool is carried out using an integrated electronic device, usually an on-board computer.

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We are in the new issue of TECNÈ, which has dedicated its cover story to us!

A single, evolved partner

Since it was founded 25 years ago, Assistec has developed its service offering with increasingly innovative proposals. Today, the company also stands out by offering modular robot cells and an advanced service concept

by Andrea Pagani

Evolution is the basis of adaptation and survival of species. It applies in biology as well as in economic and industrial dynamics: markets change, technologies update, companies evolve.
Antonio La Placa's story is a striking example of this evolutionary capacity: after gaining extensive experience in Germany as a FANUC technician, in 1998 he returned to Italy where he founded Assistec. Initially focused on the electronic technical support of CNC machine tools for chip removal equipped with FANUC components (numerical controls, motors, drives, power supplies, electronic boards), he soon expanded his offer with additional, increasingly advanced services.

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Assistec returns to Mecspe 2024

From 06 to 08 March at Bolognafiere, MECSPE 2024, the largest event dedicated to innovations for the manufacturing industry, returns.

Assistec will be present at the exhibition with a stand in Hall 30, Stand A54.

At the Assistec stand you will be able to discover the latest in automation and control systems for the manufacturing industry.

Visit our stand to find out more!

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Types of CNC machines: applications and differences

Exploring the different types of CNC machines

It's clear that the market for CNC machine tools is just as varied as the tasks these machines have to perform. This is because, with the advent of Industry 4.0 and modern smart factories, these machines have gradually taken on a more predominant role within industries, particularly manufacturing. CNC technology offers efficiency, precision and consistency, which are difficult to achieve with manual machining processes. There are various methods for classifying CNC machines, most of which are based on their design and intended tasks. Among the various types of CNC machines are milling machines, lathes, laser or plasma cutting machines, drilling machines, and grinding machines. They each have their own unique features and functionalities that can be customised using computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) programs, enabling precise control over the movements of cutting tools and workpieces.

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The importance of CNC machine tool overhaul

CNC machine tool maintenance: a guarantee of optimal performance

The maintenance and overhaul of CNC machine tools should not be confused with their repair. While repair is requested by the customer when a machine malfunctions, causing an emergency that could also lead to a halt in production, an overhaul is a scheduled or planned intervention conducted in agreement with a technological partner. During an overhaul, the machine is completely disassembled, and each individual component is carefully analysed and, if necessary, replaced or repaired. Regular overhauls are essential to ensure efficiency, precision and longevity of CNC machines. This preventive and proactive approach enables the resolution of minor issues before they cause serious damage.

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