Our Robofeed machines

Automated solution for ROBOFEED machines

Assistec's research and development department has developed an effective, fully automated solution for the servicing of machine tools. Our Robofeed machines are based on Fanuc efficiency and reliability.

The robot occupies about 1.3 squares metres of surface area and can be equipped with up to 24 drawers.

The degree of automation of the entire production line can be improved by combining several robots in different stages of the production process.


Combinations available
-Robot 12kg ( couple of pieces with a total weight of 10kg )
-Robot 25kg ( couple of pieces with a total weight of 22kg )

Process control
The use of a robot to enslave the production line allows to obtain a real-time monitoring on the processing


Quality control
Production quality control is integrated through specially defined measuring systems.

Increased productivity
Automating the production line means increasing efficiency and consequently productivity.