Prevent machine downtime with CNC maintenance

Prevention is better than cure


Solve the problem before it occurs. How is this possible? Sometimes all it takes is a few steps to prevent annoying faults, machine breakdowns and loss of turnover: preventive checks and routine maintenance are among them. Regular maintenance helps to keep machines safe and in efficient running order, but it is often underestimated. Through a periodic revision of the CNC and the machine tool, we identify any malfunctions or parts that seem to be functioning properly but are worn and deteriorated, and which could cause serious damage and downtime.
Maintenance costs are often a concern for companies, but nowadays they are an essential expense to keep machines running safely and at optimal levels of efficiency. Preventive maintenance costs can be budgeted on a year-to-year basis, making cost accounting easier for the company.

Thanks to more than twenty years of experience and highly specialised personnel, Assistec is able to offer preventive mechanical and electronic support on machine tools. This support is designed to provide customers with a comprehensive service, scheduling a visit with technicians who can intervene on the machine before problems occur.

The goal is to obtain the least number of interventions during the year and a constant maintenance budget.

The support you need when you need it

In the event that dangerous situations are found on the machine during a periodic visit by our team of technicians, fast and cost-effective services can be provided, which include the sale of spare parts from leading brands such as Fanuc, Mitsubishi and others, as well as electronic or mechanical repairs depending on the damaged part.

In addition to preventive support and assistance, more specific interventions can be scheduled depending on the problem, which include:

  • Overhaul of spindles and electro-spindles;
  • Grinding of spindle cone directly on the machine;
  • Maintenance and replacement of chillers for refrigeration machines;
  • Application of guards and protections on machine tools and overhaul or replacement of telescopic casings;
  • Servicing of axis and spindle drives and motors of all series;
  • Installation of additional axes, rotary tables and dividers;
  • Interfacing between robot and machine for workpiece loading and unloading, push bar systems on lathes and CNC machines and interfacing of gantry loaders;
  • Modifications to the machine's PLC logic in order to bring it into compliance with the current safety regulations, implementation of automatic doors, conveyor belts, increase in M-codes (rigid tapping, etc.)


Your CNC machine always under control

We are the ideal partner for your business, a company that has been operating for more than twenty years in Reggio Emilia, in the heart of robotics and industrial automation. In the context of industry 4.0 and thanks to in-depth knowledge of CNC, we design and install robotic islands for the most modern smart factories, and we also program system integrator operations to interface the machine tools with the company's management system for precise and effective production control.


Would you like to schedule a periodic overhaul of your machine tool?

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