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Since 1990, Montronix has been a leading supplier of process analysis and tool control solutions, machine protection devices and analysis of machine conditions. The monitoring systems developed by Montronix Manufacturing Solutions are used in industries all over the world and are helping to reduce production costs in many companies. They are able to identify equipment problems, and diagnose and solve the causes of malfunctions.

Assistec has been working for some time with Montronix. In particular, we use this company's products to meet the system integration needs within the machine tool park, such as the installation of tool monitoring systems or collision protections for the machinery.

Services offered thanks to Montronix

With the collaboration of Montronix, we are able to provide customers with efficient and precise CNC machine tool monitoring, with applications for machining centres, lathes, grinders, drills, cutters, robots, handling and self-diagnosis machines. We can provide the following services:

  • SBR - Tool and process monitoring:

With the installation of intelligent sensors on the machine and software, we are able to monitor the state of tool wear and the production process. The benefits are numerous and include elimination of scrap problems, optimisation of machine cycle times, reduction of costs due to premature tool replacement, and prevention of tool breakage caused by abnormal wear or chipping during tool life.

  • PULSE NG - Collision monitoring:

The 4.0 Ready PULSE NG system is the ideal solution to protect the CNC machine. The application uses specially designed sensors to detect rapid collisions, vibration overload, force and power, condition of bearings, linear guides, spindle, etc. The advantages are numerous, and include: machine protection in the event of collisions, vibration monitoring during machining, tool change monitoring, predictive maintenance on tool changes;

  • WIFI BOX NG - Machine status monitoring:

Portable Wi-Fi diagnostic system that detects problems on machine parts, such as wear, trend statistics, damage, geometry and clamping errors. The advantages are numerous and include: increased machine uptime, verification of maintenance performed, improved tool life, optimised cutting parameters.

Discover the industry of the future with Assistec

With Assistec, automation and innovation are Made in Italy. For 20 years we have been providing electronic and mechanical technical support for machine tools, made possible by our extensive knowledge on the CNC machine and how it interfaces with the external world, with the integration of hardware and software systems. In particular, Assistec is able to integrate third-party hardware systems, such as those seen with Montronix.

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