Our mechanical support services for machine tools

Mechanical support on machine tools

Do you own a metalworking business? How often have malfunctions prevented your machine tool from starting or triggered emergency alarms? Every time it happens, not only is valuable time wasted, but there is also the risk of more severe consequences, such as a production halt or financial loss. Rely on Assistec for the mechanical servicing of your machine fleet, ensuring optimal functionality of your industrial equipment.

With over two decades of expertise in the industry, our staff of experienced technicians can service and repair your machine tools and help you find the best solutions for a comprehensive service experience. Our mechanical support aims to offer customers a comprehensive service, with professionals readily available to promptly address any issues with their machine tools. Our mechanical support service includes:

  • Routine and extraordinary maintenance on multi-brand machine tools;
  • Overhaul of spindles and electro-spindles;
  • Geometrical checks and dynamic tests using instruments such as vibrometers, accelerometers and load cells to verify machine performance and precision;
  • Retrofitting of lathes and machining centres;
  • Grinding of spindle cone directly on the machine;
  • Maintenance and replacement of chillers in refrigeration machines;
  • Application of protections on machine tools and overhaul or replacement of telescopic casings;
  • Installation of machine tools;
  • Programming courses and technological training on materials and tools;
  • Preventive maintenance services: allow machine downtime to be scheduled based on production requirements; the goal is to minimise the number of interventions required throughout the year and to reduce maintenance costs.

Complete support for your business

Assistec comprises experienced professionals who are completely committed to your company. They look after each customer and guide them through the entire process of effectively monitoring their machine tools. With over 20 years of experience, we offer a range of services that include routine and extraordinary mechanical and electronic maintenance and support, the sale of spare parts, a repair workshop and robotic cell design. These services have made us leaders in the Industry 4.0 automation industry, both in Emilia Romagna and beyond.

You have found the ideal partner for your business innovation needs! Please contact us or call us on +39 0522 989436 to request one of our mechanical support services.


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