The importance of CNC machine tool overhaul

CNC machine tool maintenance: a guarantee of optimal performance

The maintenance and overhaul of CNC machine tools should not be confused with their repair. While repair is requested by the customer when a machine malfunctions, causing an emergency that could also lead to a halt in production, an overhaul is a scheduled or planned intervention conducted in agreement with a technological partner. During an overhaul, the machine is completely disassembled, and each individual component is carefully analysed and, if necessary, replaced or repaired. Regular overhauls are essential to ensure efficiency, precision and longevity of CNC machines. This preventive and proactive approach enables the resolution of minor issues before they cause serious damage.

What is retrofitting?

Retrofitting is a process that involves transforming or upgrading the existing machinery by replacing outdated and worn-out CNC components, drives and motors with the latest and state-of-the-art ones. Retrofitting CNC machines makes it possible not only to bring the system's performance back to its original state but also to improve it, eliminating the need for customers to purchase new machinery. For obsolete systems, retrofitting allows CNC machine tools to compete with more current ones in terms of productivity and precision.

Revamping for CNC machine renewal

The term "revamping" is frequently used to describe the process of reconstructing or renovating machine parts or entire industrial plants. What does it entail? It is a maintenance operation that focuses on overhauling mechanical parts of the plant and, in some cases, even electronic control systems in order to achieve various goals, such as making the working environment safer, improving efficiency and rejuvenating the plant. Revamping includes both electromechanical and software interventions to extend the productive life of a CNC machine that is either about to become obsolete or has already become obsolete.

Spindle and electro-spindle overhaul

Spindles and electro-spindles are critical components of a CNC machine tool. They play a key role in ensuring precision and efficiency and are, unfortunately, often subject to wear and damage. This is why, if not monitored or overhauled on a regular basis, they have the potential to cause machine downtime or even more severe malfunctions. Performing overhauls at appropriate intervals allows for predicting the degradation of these components and consequently planning repairs or replacements in advance, thus avoiding future repair costs.

CNC machine tool overhaul services in Reggio Emilia

Are you looking for a reliable technological partner to overhaul and service your CNC machine tools? Then look no further than Assistec! Schedule regular overhauls of your equipment with us. We provide services like mechanical or electronic maintenance, repair of axis drives, spindles and motors, as well as the sale of spare parts (fuses, batteries and equipment for electrical cabinets). For more than 20 years, we have been developing and perfecting the best solutions to provide a comprehensive, all-round service capable of optimising the performance of any company's machine fleet, covering multiple brands such as Fanuc and Mitsubishi.

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